Visiting Great Grand Loves!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Went to the Loyola cemetery today to visit my great grandparents. My lola told stories about the good old days. Great grand lolo had to sell kawayan in Tondo, Manila so that he can earn a living. Take note, he was doing it barefoot! 

Oh that sacrifice, barefoot+heavy bamboo+scorching sun = genuine love for the fam bam! 
LOVE YOU GREAT GRAND LOLO. <3 (sana lang may blogspot sa heaven!

hair strand stuck in my mouth @-) 
(kamusta naman yun gutom pa ako?

polo:Singapore (Bugis), necklace: Hang Ten HK, ring: Celine, pajama pants: Spain, bag: Shiq at the Supersale bazaar, flats: H&M 

In trend: Pajama dressing
Perfect sa mga tamad na fashionistas, pagkagising, layas na! 

Traveling in style kahit tamad! (sa cemetery nga lang. haha) 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I wore to the GUESS S/S'12 fashion show. 

Lately, I've been having an immense nude obsession so I ended up with this nude-colored outfit. 
I was suppose to match my clutch with my entire outfit but don't have time to look for one anymore. :| 
The infamous "blogger" wall. haha. Lahat ata ng bloggers sumandal na sa wall na yan! haha 
dress: H&M, earrings: Celine, arm cuff: GH, clutch: SM dept. store, heels: Bershka
Thanks to my sister, Anna Viray, for taking my photos!

Spread the PFW love, everyone! 


Last Monday was a blast! 
Attended the PFW featuring the Guess collection. We arrived late so we weren't able to get a spot near the stage. It was just so sad. I promise to be early next time para makuha ang bongga na spots!  But yea, it was still fun!
Si Jay-R yan, promise! haha super layo talaga ng spot namin. 

Nonetheless, the collection was awesome! 
So GUESS -- plaid, fur jackets, denim pants, denim polos, short dresses
Dear model, thanks for making me look like a midget next to you. 
Sincerely, the litol girl, Jessica haha!
Hats off to DJ Sanya Smith for the oh-so-great music! 
Celebrity/model, Maxene Magalona! She's so pretty! 
Miss this girl! Nice seeing you, Sach! 
Thanks to Accessorize (like their facebook page)  for the tickets! Next stop, The Ramp Crossings. 
You gotta love the PFW energy! 

New Release: Dainty Satchel

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dainty Satchel in Salmon
Dainty Satchel in Champagne

Up for grabs for only Php 550! Hello fashionistas in the house! 
For orders, you can visit The Bling Project
or you can text us at +639179288436


Shu Uemura Makeup Class 1

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I always wanted to join a makeup class but,I don't know, there have been hindrances all the time - schedule, budget, name it all. So thank God when I found this deal at Deal Grocer! 

They're offering a class wherein you can pick the time and schedule that you want! And it's at 50% off! Isn't that awesome? 

 Shu Uemura is offering a 9-hour makeup class for beginners at 50% off! 
(Instead of Php 10,000, you will just have to pay Php 5,000) 

I'm just so excited to attend this class. Gonna be learning the basics from the masters! Hell yea! 

The classroom/makeup studio looks so bongga
The only problem is that I have to rush out from my school in Ortigas to Rockwell in Makati. 
Gotta brave the traffic in Edsa! 

Plus! All students can join a competition/culminating activity, 
the winner can go home with Php 10,00o worth of products! Bongga-sity yan!

Hopefully it will be worth it! Will blog about the outcome!
Who else is joining? 


Check out the deal at Deal Grocer! Hurry stocks are limited and the coupons are selling like hotcakes! hihi

PFW Day 2!

Just got home from the PFW Guess fashion show. 

It was so cool. Will blog about it real soon! Watch out for it 



Monday, October 24, 2011

Spent the entire Sunday with my fam bam! Got myself a new pair of contacts and searched for earrings to wear for the PFW event. Who's coming to the Guess event? Are you guys excited? I know I am! 

I'm such a rebel, it's raining but I'm wearing a dress! haha 
sometimes unedited photos are better for some odd reason
Rain-proof flats! (focus na lang on the flats not on my icky legs and feet haha)
Dress: Zara, scarf: Greenhills, bag: Springfield, flats: H&M

How was your weekend, everyone? 

Buongiorno, Italia!

The Five Highs

Saturday, October 22, 2011

anywhere, anytime, basta travel! Riding the plane would be a plus! 

Every girl's vice. 
I think? haha If not, then shopping, perhaps? 

I never really like cupcakes or sweets, in general, but I adore the Red Velvet cupcakes from Sonja's! If you haven't tried it, try it! It's gonna be worth it :> 

My friend Erika and I have been raving about the fish braids for a long time now. 
We kept asking each other "alam mo na kung paano gawin?" haha 

I don't know if it suits me though. :| 

Strawberries. Oh come on who doesn't love strawberries? tell me! 
That person hasn't tried it with chocolate syrup, maybe. Oh gahd heaven!

This is too random to even blab about. haha 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


Versailles, France Outfit

Versailles, France

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Most people would hate to admit it. But c’mon you cannot deny that at least once in your life, you dreamt of becoming a princess of a royal kingdom.

It’s not your fault though. As kids, we were all exposed to Walt Disney’s world– where all dreams can come true, all girls can become princesses. If your parents aren’t Walt Disney’s fans then maybe Anne Hathaway of Princess Diaries made you dream to become a princess. There’s no shame on it! (aminin na! hihi)

If there’s one place where all these childhood dreams can come true, it’s in this place. And, if there’s one place where the idea of splendor, luxury, grandeur and glamour was first revealed, it’s in this place. 

But of course, it's Marie Antoinette's Palace in Versailles, France! 

It was a long train ride going to Marie Antoinette's Palace from the Paris center. 

History tells us that the palace has been called as the"symbol of absolute monarchy in Ancient Regime". So dapat talaga kasama sa itinerary ha, hindi pwede mamiss!  

But really is there something more to this place than its overly exposed grandeur? 
Let the pictures do the talking...

Kamusta naman yun? Hiyang hiya naman tayong lahat sa palasyo niya.

Trivia: They spent approx. $2 billion dollars to build the palace! 
Ganun? hindi na nakita yung view? 
Pa-excuse sandali. Hindi mga puno ang pinunta ko! haha 

Kidding! These are my loves. (L-R Jessie, Lennor, Iya, Mai, Marby, Erika, Yours truly, Karin) 
Sorry ha hindi ko naprepare goddess outfit ko, sa susunod na lang! Emote na lang muna

Hindi kasi sila mahilig sa gold so pagpasensyahan niyo na. :|
Pagawa ko kaya to sa kwarto ko? Baka maloka na yung pintor, hindi pa rin tapos

The world-famous, Hall of Mirrors.
I felt like I was in the movies. @-) 

Trivia: The chandeliers are holding 1,000 candles! 
The Queen's room, where she had to give birth in public. 
Yikes! I think nakakahiya yun. I think lang naman. 

On to the sidenote or highlight (depende na lang kung anong pakay mo sa pagpunta mo dun)
"Every princess needs a prince" - sabi nila not me. haha 

Dapat pala nag-iwan ako ng sapatos para diba Cinderella ang peg? Watcha think? 
Hindi naman ako nagprepare ng outfit. Talagang nag-match lang yung necklace sa environment. haha 

blazer: Plain and Prints, top: Greenhills, necklace: The Bling Project, skirt: Forever21, flats:SM Parisian

Going back to my question, "But really is there something more to this place than its overly exposed grandeur?"

Many would have said "Ay kung ganyan ang bahay ko, hindi na ako lalabas, nandito na ang lahat". (sure ka? final answer? "guard, bawal na lumabas ang prinsesa!")

But seriously, do you think you can find everything that you need in here? 
What happens if the parties have ended. What happens if the guards and housekeepers have all gone home.  
Would this place, with all its grandeur and splendor, still make you happy even if you're all alone?

Just something to think about. 

"I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all". 
Marie Antoinette 



Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles, France
01 30 83 78 89
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